Advanced Courses




Now it is time to build on your knowledge and experience gained during training by increasing your Pilot In Command hours. You will be striving ahead in confidence, airmanship and leaning how to handle the aircraft with more freedom. The next step will enable you to move on to more advanced courses.

Use our extensive landing site directory, visit hotels, golf courses or other islands – the world is your oyster! (Helicopter only). You have earnt the right to freedom. There are so many stunning places to land at and visit, and the island of Mallorca is only the start of it. You could fly to Menorca for the day, or whizz over to Ibiza for lunch.


Located only 5 minutes flying time to the Traumanta mountain range, we offer an advanced course, which will not only develop skills that you have already acquired, but introduce you to new techniques, enabling you to fly with confidence in the conditions of the mountains.

The scenery is spectacular and the course can be tailor made to suit individual requirements from an intensive day to a weekend course.


Instructors are available seven days a week to assist with any aspect of your flying. If you feel that you need a refresher course or would like to talk about a particular element of your flight training – book in to the flight diary. Help and advice is always at hand.


Take the next stage of upgrading your licence to the Multi Engine Piston. Maybe you just want a new challenge or maybe you are looking to set your self apart from the rest.

With our Instructors and in-house examiners, we will get you up to speed in our Seneca twin engine aircraft.

Each conversion will cover all of the basics and an intensive knowledge of the aircraft right up to and including the advanced exercises.