Austro Control Exams

The Aviation Centre is pleased to announce the approval by Austro Control to offer EASA exams.

These exams are taking place primarily at our premises in Son Bonet Mallorca (Spain) but we are also able to offer them in the Canary Islands, Barcelona and Madrid..

Austro Control have several approved test centres in various EASA member states, and they provide an Official Exam Certificate once all the exams have been successfully passed which is accepted by all EASA states including AESA.

Please note that all exams for any particular license must be passed under one Authority, therefore, if you have a pass with another Authority and wish to change to Austro Control at The Aviation Centre, you will be starting again with a clean slate.

Booking your exams with Austro Control at The Aviation Centre

Download the appropriate form for the type of license you wish to apply for and complete it using Acrobat so that you are able to save your data.

In all cases except ICAO Conversions, complete only Part 1 and 2 of the form electronically and then print and sign Part 2.

Your ATO should then complete and sign Part 3.

Scan and email the completed form to

For Aeroplane:


For Helicopter:


For ICAO ATPL Conversions:


Booking your Sitting

Bookings should be made 2 weeks before the date of the sitting. Justified cancellations will be accepted up to one week prior to the exam date.

Next Sittings

16-18 November 2020 Barcelona EAS only NO MORE SPACES AVAILABLE
19 November 2020 Barcelona NO MORE SPACES AVAILABLE
1-3 December 2020 Canary Islands NO MORE SPACES AVAILABLE
14-16 December 2020 Palma de Mallorca NO MORE SPACES AVAILABLE
12-13 January 2021 Madrid
25-27 January 2021 Barcelona EAS only
2-3 February 2021 Mallorca
2-3 March 2021 Madrid
15-17 March 2021 Barcelona EAS only
18 March 2021 Barcelona
23-25 March 2021 Canary Islands
7-8 April 2021 Mallorca
14-15 April 2021 Madrid
17-19 May 2021 Barcelona EAS only
1-2 June 2021 Mallorca
7-9 June 2021 Madrid
22-24 June 2021 Canary Islands
5-7 July 2021 Barcelona EAS only
8 July 2021 Barcelona
19-21 July 2021 Madrid
2-3 August 2021 Mallorca
6-8 September 2021 Madrid
13-15 September 2021 Barcelona EAS only
23-24 September 2021 Mallorca
28-30 September 2021 Canary Islands
1-2 November 2021 Mallorca
8-10 November 2021 Madrid
15-17 November 2021 Barcelona EAS only
18 November 2021 Barcelona
1-3 December 2021 Canary Islands
13-14 December 2021 Mallorca
16-17 December 2021 Madrid


To book, please complete the following form and return it to us together with the previous application form.

We will also require a copy of your ID and licence. Please send to

Your Full Name (required)

Your Address (required)

Your License number

Your Email (required)

Your Telephone (required)

Your ID/Passport (required)

Your ATO




General NavigationInstrumentationMeteorologyHuman Performance and LimitationsRadio NavigationAirframe and SystemsAir LawFlight Planning and MonitoringOperational ProceduresPrinciples of FlightPerformanceMass and BalanceCommunications VFRCommunications IFR


Air LawMeteorologyAircraft GeneralHuman Performance and LimitationsNavigationOperational ProceduresFlight PlanningPrinciples of FlightCommunications

Choose your preferred exam date

CPL File:

PPL File:

Exam fees (per test)

ATPL                            80€

CPL                              80€

IR                                 80€

PPL                              70€

Please note that payment must received for booking to be confirmed and also please note that TAX could be aplicable.


  • All questions are in English and have been meticulously checked for accuracy.
  • Exams are taken on iPads which are provided.
  • Annexes are viewable on screen and printed if required.
  • Exam time is visible on screen and a colour coded warning is issued at 10 and 5 minutes.
  • Most appeals can be resolved on the spot (within reason).
  • Results are available instantly.
  • There is no charge for appeals.

Austro Control exams will be offered at The Aviation Centre initially every 6 to 8 weeks. This time frame could vary with time as demand increases.


Can I swap if I’ve already started with another Civil Aviation Authority?

Yes, but you will lose any passes you may have and start with a clean slate, including number of sittings.

What are the benefits of sitting my exams with Austro Control at the Aviation Centre?

You will have the benefit of obtaining an EASA licence without the inconvenience of travelling to expensive capital cities and incurring in travel and accommodation expenses. Also you will avoid long delays in getting a testing date as we can extend testing days if required.

This provides a flexible and reliable way to sit your exams with mínimum stress as to logistics.

Is the process the same for ICAO Conversion students?

Yes, ICAO conversion students should use the specific form and also supply;

  • ID
  • Licence
  • Last pages of log-book
  • Any document to support flight hours etc

All documents should be tagged with Type and Name. i.e. Licence Joseph Smith

What do I get when I have passed all my exams?

Austro Control provide each student with an official Certificate of Completion of all the exams. This Certificate is accepted by other EASA member states and will need to be presented at licence application to the Authority where you apply.