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At The Aviation Centre, we know how difficult it can be to understand the intricacies of Pilot Training.

We make it easy for you with advice that comes from years of professional career in the Aviation Training World and we commit to finding the best route, tailor made for you and your requirements.

We don’t find students for any given flight School, but rather find the perfect School for each student.

Consultant Services

We provide free consultations, one on one, to discover where you want to be and which is the best route to get there. It can be very confusing for new students and we turn the whole process into something relatively simple.

Not all students fit into the same mould or have the same qualities and background, so sending everyone to the same place dosent work. We dont represent any particular flight School but we have in-depth knowledge of how flight traiing works and we ensure that any schools we do suggest are as competent and profesional as posible as well as suited to you.

Our CEO has recently published “How to be a Pilot” which is an easy t oread guide on how to choose your training path as well as your flight School as well as giving you lots of information and tips so that you achieve your goal successfully.

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This is the ultimate guide through the maze of flight training options under EASA. It has been written especially for those of you who are serious about starting a career in Aviation, or just looking forward to obtaining a recreational licence and need a simple and straightforward way to make this amazing dream a reality. Looking into the various options of flight training paths can be daunting and confusing. This guide will present the possibilities with pros and cons so that each of you can choose the best path for you.
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