Take the final step with us at The Aviation Helicopter Centre and become a Professional Pilot

The Commercial Pilots License

The structured course consists of 35 Instructional Flying Hours accompanied with 200 hours of Ground School.  The Commercial Helicopter Flying Course takes planning and airmanship to the next level, increasing your flying skill level to that all important professional level needed to become a Captain!

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold an EASA PPL (H)
  • Passed all the CPL (H) or ATPL (H) theoretical exams
  • Have a minimum of 155 flight hours logged, which must include 50 hours PIC

Why Choose The Aviation Helicopter Centre?

  • We have over 30 year of experience
  • We have a modern fleet of Helicopters
  • We provide a friendly and professional service and are passionate about what we do
  • We can take you from your 1st Training Flight right through to a Professional Career
  • We believe that you are a student for life.  We will help you all the way through your Aviation Career
  • The weather in Mallorca is stunning all year round!

Course Requirements

Flight Training

The Course is based on a minimum of 35 flying hours.

10 hours of Instrument flying

10 hours of Navigational Training

10 hours of Emergency Procedures

5 Hours of Night Flying

Ground School

The ground school is designed to take all the knowledge that you have acquired from the ATPL exams and apply that to real life situations.  We will cover fuel calculations, weather problems and being completely prepared before you take off to fly with your clients.