ICAO English

ICAO English NKH 02/2013 and MLT.LTB.002


English is becoming an increasing important language to not only understand but to be competent in.  With some airlines demanding a level 5 as a minimum you need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

We are able to offer you an approved ICAO English exam right up to the maximum level 6 (which others can not offer).  The Aviation Centre is a lot more than just and examination centre, we offer training courses for all levels of English.  You may only need a one day intensive course or you maybe looking to undertake in a more in depth course to improve your skills.

With over 3000 English Exams under our belts between the Senior Evaluators, we feel that we are the most experienced company in our field.

Your individual training course or your exam is given by fully qualified commercial and/or flight instructor who understands exactly what you need and we tailor the course to your requirements. The test have been developed by expert linguists and professional pilots, to ensure that it covers all the requirements of ICAO but remains simple and straightforward so that our candidates can relax, do their best and obtain a fair certification of their skills from a reputed ELP Test Centre which will be recognised and valued by future employers.

We have built a reputation throughout the aviation industry and will even travel to you if you are in a group of a minimum of 4.  Reducing the costs and gaining the maximum out of your course.

Our Main bases are located in Mallorca (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary). With satellite bases in:

Madrid (Spain)

Barcelona (Spain)

Valencia (Spain)

Malaga (Spain)

Canary Island (Spain)

Nyiregyhaza (Hungary)

Budaors (Hungary)

Istanbul (Turkey)

Oporto (Portugal)

To book an exam or to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit our ELP webpage at www.englishcentre.eu