The Aviation Centre is proud to offer you the Helicopter Mountain Flying Course right here in Mallorca!    Mountain flying is a challenging and an important part of your helicopter  flying experience and will really improve all aspects of your airmanship.

Mountain flying demands a delicate balance between judging the wind direction and strength of the wind combined with the ridges and peaks of the mountains along with the power limitations of the helicopter.   Mountain flying will improve your general handing skills whilst increasing your knowledge and understanding of the wind, weather and general airmanship. 

The Tramuntana Mountain range in Mallorca is simply stunning.  As you approach the mountains you will realise the dramatic mountain formation and height that lies ahead.  At  4,500 feet, you will be able to absorb the stunning views of the Balearic Islands, whilst learning how to land at altitude and the considerations of the local variations to wind that will challenge you.  This will really push your skills!

The course is based on 5 hours flying and 5 hours of ground school with each flight having a specific objective.  By the end of the course you will leave with a  feeling of great achievement and the comforting feeling that you have enhanced your existing piloting skills whilst learning new techniques.

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Helicopter Mountain Flying

  • Wind direction and strengths
  • Crossing ridge lines
  • Power and altitude requirements
  • Advanced landing techniques

Helicopter Mountain Ground School

  • Density altitudes and there effects
  • Helicopter performance
  • Landing techniques

Helicopter Mountain Prices

  • R22 Helicopter € 2399,00 including VAT
  • R44 Helicopter € 3599,00 including VAT