Learning to fly a helicopter!

To fly a helicopter is a fantastic achievement, that most people only dream about.

At the age of 18, Pedro took this to the next level and completed his Private Pilots License, a truly amazing achievement for an 18 year old.

Pedro started to learn to fly in the Robinson R22 helicopter with us at The Aviation Centre in December 2016.  After he started flying lessons it was clear to see that Pedro was going to be a natural. He quickly mastered the ability to hover and control the helicopter in the circuit with ease.  Stewart Jones his Flight Instructor commented ‘teaching Pedro was an absolute pleasure, he impressed me on his ability, his natural control of the helicopter and his keenness to learn’.  Before long Pedro was flying solo and on his way to Menorca to test his Navigation Skills.  In October of 2017 Pedro passed his Skill Test and is now an official Helicopter Pilot!

What’s Next After your Private Pilots License?

After completing his Private Pilots License, Pedro has set his sights on  the Commercial Pilots License.  He is hoping to achieve this goal by the end of 2019 and continue his future as a Captain going on to bigger and better things in the wonderful world of aviation.

We are all very proud of Pedro’s achievement and cant wait to help him move on to his next goal.

If you are thinking of learning to fly or even just to ‘have a go’, please contact us and try an experience that is truly exhilarating.