Self Fly Hire


You have achieved what many people only dream about and if you thought the PPL Licence was fun, then gaining air experience from here on in, is going to blow your mind.  There are so many amazing opportunities that you can embark upon.

Regardless of your experience level you can hire one of the helicopters from the Robinson R22 or Robinson R44 helicopter.

Our aim is to offer you exciting, fun and safe flying around the Balearic Islands, all year round.

A Check Flight with one of our Instructors will introduce you to the operational procedures of the aerodrome and the local area, to ensure you are comfortable and happy before you fly.

We will introduce you to many boutique hotels who we collaborate with, where you can land and call in for either a coffee, lunch or why not indulge and stay overnight, flying back to base the next day.

What ever you choose, we are here to help. All you have to do is to get in touch.

helicoptero volando