Type Rating Conversion


Congratulations on your Private Pilots License!  You have achieved something that only others will dream off and now you are looking to expand your skill and experience with a Type Rating Conversion.

Weather you are choosing the Robinson R22 or Robinson R44 type rate conversion you will need a minimum of a five-hour flying course with a skill test at the end of the conversion. Combined with a ground school syllabus to get you up to standard and knowledge the helicopter inside and out.

Before you can begin you need to have a Private Pilots License (H) and have a current medical.

The type rate conversion course is based around you and the timescales that you require.  We can tailor make it to an intensive 3 day course or spread the course over a longer time scale.  It is totally up to you.

Flight Training Syllabus consists of the following exercises:

  • Pre-flight; Start up and After start checks
  • All hovering and airfield manoeuvers
  • Autorotation’s
  • Vortex Ring
  • Confined Areas
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Limited Power